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Worldwide Delivery Services

Committed To Delivering High Quality Services And Customer Satisfaction!

Yet those that embrace change are thriving, building bigger, better, faster, and stronger products than ever before. You are helping to lead the charge; we can help you services delivery past and prepare future.

We Give Your Feature :

  • Pick Up
  • Tracking Shipment
  • Insurance Up
  • Free Packaging
  • Proof Of Delivery Up
  • Proof Of Delivery
  • Freight Collect
  • Customer Service 24/7

The world is changing faster than ever before, PT. GEZEX SARANA BERKAT will help make it happen

More Than Parcel Delivery in 2020
More Than Document Delivery in 2020

Join Us, Be Part Of Our Team!

Worldwide Delivery Services

Leading The Way In Courier Service And Cargo Service


Years Of Experience!

 - PT. Gezex Sarana Berkat

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Know Where We Come From

PT Gezex Sarana Berkat was officially founded on March 18, 2011 domiciled in Bekasi by Nathanael Waluya who has experiences in courier services for more than 13 years. As a company in the courier services this prioritizes the business in the international courier services section. In a small time frame this business has developed to other cities in a short time and is about to build its branch in Cikarang.
In order to be the greatest, the best and the most trustworthy company, prioritizing its qualified staff that can give best solutions for their customers.
A courier services company that meets the customers hopes and satisfaction with a professional service. On a timely manner, safe and trustworthy is this companys commitment.
To grant the best services from a caring heart
Although PT Gezex Sarana Berkat is considered as a new business, this company has the ability to work together with 3 (three ) other popular courier services in the world. It is the company purpose to give the best services for its customers. PT Gezex Sarana Berkat normally makes sure that the services as based on a highly qualified staff and it implements the modern method and technology to give the maximum courier services.
 - PT. Gezex Sarana Berkat
Worldwide Delivery Services

Why Should GEZEX.id

The world is changing faster than ever before, PT. Gezex Sarana Berkat nothing threatened as technology disrupts and software. Yet those embrace change we thriving, building system, better, faster & stronger products than ever before. we are help you build on your future a system.

Booking And Tracking

We have built an integrated dashboard system for booking and tracking your shipments

Wide Service Range

Not only in domestic cities, we also deliver packages to foreign countries

Insurance Up

Not only your package, we also cant insurance the document delivery

Customer Service

Customers are not only friendly, we provide 24/7 support

Offering High Quality Courier Service And Cargo Service Solutions. Trust Us, Build Your Dream Now!

Get In Touch With Us

Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality prices and service. We take great pride in everything that we do in Gezex.id.

    Contact Info

    • Taman Sentosa, Jl. Gading Sentosa 1 Blok B2 No. 58, Pasirsari. Cikarang – Bekasi
    • Email: info@gezex.id Call Us: (021) 8990-3527
    • Monday - Saturday 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM